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Ode to joy

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  1. Joy, of flame celestial fashioned,
    daughter of Elysium,
    by that holy fire impassioned
    to thy sanctuary we come.
    thine the spells that reunited
    those estranged by custom dread,
    every man a brother plighted
    where thy gentle wings are spread.
    Millions in our arms we gather,
    to the world our kiss be sent!
    Past the starry firmament,
    |: brothers, dwells a loving father. :|

  2. Who that height of bliss has proved
    once a friend of friends to be,
    who has won a maid beloved
    join us in our jubilee.
    who so holds a heart in keeping,
    one, in all the world, his own.
    Who has failed, let him with weeping
    from our fellowship begone!
    All the mighty globe containeth
    homage to compassion pay!
    To the stars she leads the way
    where, unknown, the Godhead reigneth.

  3. All drink joy from mother nature,
    all she suckled at her breast,
    good or evil, every creature,
    follows where her foot has pressed.
    Love she gave us, passing measure,
    one who true in death abode,
    e'en the worm was granted pleasure,
    angels see the face of God.
    Fall ye, millions, fall before him,
    Is thy maker, world, unknown?
    Far above the stars his throne
    yonder seek him and adore him.

  4. Joy, the spring of all contriving,
    in eternal nature's plan,
    joy set wheels on wheels a-driving
    since earth's horologe began;
    from the bud the blossom winning
    suns from out the sky she drew,
    spheres through boundless ether spinning
    worlds no gazer's science knew.
    Gladsome as her suns and glorious
    through the spacious heavens career,
    brothers, so your courses steer
    heroes joyful and victorious.

  5. She from truth's own mirror shining
    casts on sages glances gay,
    guides the sufferer unrepining
    far up virtue's steepest way;
    on the hills of faith all-glorious
    mark her sunlit banners fly,
    she, in death's despite, victorious,
    stands with angels in the sky.
    Millions, bravely sorrows bearing,
    suffer for a better time!
    see, above the starry clime
    God a great reward preparing.

  6. Men may never match immortals;
    fair it is like Gods to be.
    Welcome to our joyous portals
    sons of want and poverty.
    Rancor and resentment leaving,
    be our mortal foe forgiven,
    not a sorrow for his grieving,
    not a tear to mar his heaven!
    Pardon every debt ungrudging,
    let all nations be atoned!
    God above the stars enthroned
    judges us, as we are judging.

  7. Savages drink gentler notions
    while the meek learn to be bold
    through the joy of sparkling potions
    in the goblet's liquid gold.
    Brothers, rise! In kindred feeling
    let the goblet make the rounds.
    While the foam spurts to the ceiling,
    drink to him, whose love abounds.
    Him, whose praise through stellar spaces
    like a seraphs' chorus sounds,
    drink to him, whose love abounds,
    praise him by your joyous faces.

  8. Hearts in direst need unquailing,
    aid to Innocence in woe,
    troth eternally unfailing,
    loyalty to friend and foe!
    Fronting kings, a manly spirit,
    though it cost our wealth and blood!
    Crowns to naught save noblest merit,
    death to all the liars' brood!
    Close the holy circle. Ever
    swear it by the wine of gold,
    swear these sacred vows to hold,
    swear it by the stars' lawgiver.

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